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A Guide to How Often You Should Take A Hearing Test.

There are quite shocking statistics about hearing loss.
Statistics indicate that about 50 million Americans have at some point suffered hearing loss. This makes hearing loss the third most prevalent condition here. This should tell you how serious it is. Surprisingly, millions of the Americans have never taken the hearing test. There are even those that know they have the problem but simply decide not to take the test. You would also wonder why someone with a hearing loss problem wouldn’t take a hearing exam.

You probably are in the category of those who have never taken up the test it has been too long since you had your hearing checked. Maybe you are not aware of how often you should plan to take a hearing test. Well, you can change that today. Keep reading an find out how often you have to have your hearing checked and take a hearing test.

Baseline testing is the beginning of it all. Once you are 21, ensure you get baseline testing to your hearing. You can have it during the annual physical. The baseline testing is critical and essential since it tells how your hearing is as a young adult. At the same time, the audiologist has results to make a comparison with, when you come in for hearing exams. This will be vital in determining whether or not you have experienced hearing loss over time. This means that hearing loss can be easy to identify.

There are more tests to be taken after 21. According to experts, you should ensure you take the hearing test after every ten years until you reach 50 years. Again, once you are 50 years old, ensure you have tests after every three years. However, if you feel that you are suffering hearing loss, you can take the test more often than indicated. The audiologist will perform exams to see the intensity of hearing loss.

As well, keep monitoring your hearing and detect any issues. Here are some common signs that you could be suffering hearing loss. One of them is struggling to hear what someone next to you is saying. Also, having problems hearing when you are out watching a movie or a show. If you have to turn the TV or radio volume up so that you can hear, get a hearing test. Be keen to note whether your hearing is impacting the way you relate and socialize with others negatively. Do not be afraid of seeking medical help when you are suffering hearing loss.


Updated: April 24, 2019 — 9:14 pm
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