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EQ Alt Tab v1.0 [N-Series Application]

EQ Alt Tab v1.0.gif

Now you can forget about habitual switching tasks.

. To switch between programs, you no longer have to pursue long the Menu button. Now, you do it the way the computer privyklyu - Alt-Tab, which is used instead of keys Alt button Pencil (AbcShift), and Tab - S (remove Backspace) or Menu.

: Highlights of analogies:

- Small size (~ 55 kb).

- Operation even in demanding games.

- Support order.

- Can ALL program, which you can switch (the majority of managers do not see, for example, the second part of the programme vNes, with the result that after the downsizing, it became virtually impossible closure)

- Equally good work as a vector icons, and raster (including Java)

Download EQ Alt Tab v1.0 Application
Size: 47.52 Kb

Intellisense Infotech - ZPlus v1.0 [Series-60 Application]

Intellisense Infotech - ZPlus v1.0.gif

You don't want kids or your friends to play any game or open any other applications without your permission? You don't want anyone to know about your hidden videos, images, documents or other files or you have some naughty or secret messages or don't want to remember your long passwords or want to store your sensitive information like credit card or bank a/c?

Download Intellisense Infotech - ZPlus v1.0 Application
Size: 118.23 Kb

[Series 60 Theme]

Download Theme
Download Theme
Download Theme

[N-Series Theme]

Download Theme
Download Theme
Download Theme
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