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nOracle v0.1 [N-Series Application]

nOracle v0.1.gif

Not much of an application really but I thought, 'If the iPhone can do it, then so shall Symbian phones'

How to use:
* Just run the app and it'll tell you either 'Yes' or 'No'. Maybe for a quick decision?

Install Notes:
* Latest Python and megapymodulepack must be installed.
* This is unsigned so you must self-sign or have a hacked phone.

Download nOracle v0.1 Application
Size: 92.58 Kb

Devlex PhonePoint v3.00 [Series-60 Application]

Devlex PhonePoint v3.00.gif

PhonePoint is the professional wireless presentation tool.

It has been designed from the ground up as a tool for presenters; slowly fine tuned with feedback from these professionals, people for whom presentations play an essential role in their job.

Whether an occasional PowerPoint user or, if indeed, presentations are a critical part of your job, PhonePoint will give you a competitive and polished edge when delivering PowerPoint presentations. With PhonePoint you can concentrate upon just the presentation and the audience, leaving the PC well alone.

Download Devlex PhonePoint v3.00 Application
Size: 340.13 Kb

[Series 60 Theme]

Download Theme
Download Theme
Download Theme

[N-Series Theme]

Strange Way.gif
Download Strange Theme
Download Theme
Download Theme
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