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Light Sabre v1.5 [N-Series Application]

Light Sabre v1.5.gif

If you have been living under rock for the last few months I'll briefly inform you that Light Sabre is applications without real purpose but it's still cool as it allows to use your Nokia N95 as a Light Sabre with a pretty impressive sound effects.
Application actually uses the Nokia N95 Accelerometer Plug-in package to hook into the accelerometer and transfer the movement into cool sound effects. New version allows complete control over your Sabre via new settings menu that not keeps settings and adds some new features like vibration.

Here is the complete list of the new features:
* Vibration support with Sabre Tingle.
* Set up your sabre technology; including
* Set Volume
* Set Sensitiviy (from 8 (little movement) to 120 (fling across room for swing)
* Set Vibration On / Off
* Set Hit Detection (Auto detects strong movement as hit, Random, causes random hit effect slightly more responsive)
* Set Sabre Colour (Green, Red , Yellow, Blue, Magenta, Cyan, Orange)
*Setting are not saved.

Download Light Sabre v1.5 Application
Size: 525.43 Kb

Nokia Yogasan - Yoga for Beginners [Series-60 Application]

Nokia Yogasan - Yoga for Beginners.gif

Yoga for Beginners is an application for people who are interested in yoga. It is divided into two main parts: "Yoga Postures" and "Yoga Tips". "Yoga Postures" describe ten fundamental yoga postures and their benefits. "Yoga Tips" provide useful tips regarding yoga practices.

Download Nokia Yogasan - Yoga for Beginners Application
Size: 145.79 Kb

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